We Stand for Families

Kinghorn Law exists to empower families to achieve peace. We find joy and fulfillment if those we are privileged to help are able to find peace—peace of mind, peace in their hearts, and peace in their families.



The Story of Us

Kevin Kinghorn’s life has been devoted to empowering individuals and families to make decisions and take actions that will allow them to find the peace described above. Kevin knew he wanted to be an attorney since he was in the seventh grade. Kevin grew up in a family that, more often than not, engaged in scientific, religious, political, and philosophical discussions around the dinner table. For him, law was the perfect fit for his love of reason and logic. Kevin learned, not long after beginning the practice of law, that his real fulfillment comes from the difference he makes in individuals’ lives.

Investor Coaching became a part of Kinghorn Law after Kevin, his law partner, Allison, and Sandi met Mark Matson and learned about Nobel Prize winning investing principles. Kevin, Allison, and Sandi spent several years investigating Mark, Matson Money, and Matson Money’s academically engineered portfolios. They learned about the distinguished members of the Matson Money Advisory Board and about investing, behavioral, economic, and performance science. Kevin, Allison, and Sandi took two years to study under the tutelage of Mark Matson himself. Previous to studying the Matson Method of investing, Kevin and Allison had referred law clients to trusted financial advisors.

Once they knew about a way to help clients manage risk and keep from speculating and gambling with their money, Kevin and Allison felt compelled to be taught by the coaches at Matson Money and add Investor Coaching as a sister service to the Estate Planning and Elder Law legal services offered by Kinghorn Law.

Everyone at Kinghorn Law believes education and coaching are keys to helping others make informed decisions about their estate plans and investing.

Our Team

Our Values


We’re on a mission to educate, coach, and serve with love and compassion. These values help us do that. They inform our actions and decisions. And they are an essential compass when it comes to making the world better for our clients and communities, empowering families to achieve peace.

How We Met Matson Money

Mark Matson and Matson Money were introduced to Kevin over ten years ago when Mark presented at an estate planning attorney conference.

Mark is passionate about helping people find their true purpose for money and giving families tools to help find freedom, fulfillment, and love—a lofty goal for a financial coach. Over the years Kevin and Allison kept their eyes on Mark. Eventually they decided to find out what is different about Matson Money.


Kevin studied academic principles of investing and behavioral investing science taught by Mark Matson. He studied the research of the esteemed members of Matson Money’s Advisory Board. He learned about the Matson funds and how the Matson method keeps families from speculating and gambling with their money. Once he understood this new way of approaching investing, Kevin was compelled to share the Matson Method with his clients.

The commonality of purposes of Estate Planning and academic investing has made investor coaching a welcome compliment to the services offered by Kinghorn Law.

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