I Have A Secret…

Want to know a little secret about me?

It is something that I am not very proud to admit, but thankfully is now in the past. I consider myself well educated, competent, highly motivated, and inquisitive. Yet, early in my adult years, I did not take time to understand investing principles nor did I find it of interest.  It seemed like something my husband could handle, and so I deferred all things money related to him.  I was busy building my career and being a mother.

Fast forward several years later, I found myself no longer married and needing to take control over my finances and investments.  However, investing my money in the stock market was a scary concept because I was afraid to lose money.  I saw money as scare and it was a source of stress for me, so I just didn’t invest.

My how life has changed for me over the years.  I was introduced to a method of investing money that married with who I am as a person and how I practice law.  One of the biggest game changers for me was attending the American Dream hosted by Matson Money.  Through this workshop, I discovered that my true purpose for money (and really life) was to find peace and joy.  At that moment I knew that if I was to ever have peace truly, I needed to see money differently.

I recognize that I am truly blessed with all that I have and I have experienced.  I would not change those trials for anything because they have created the person I am today.  Through the fires, I was refined, sharpened, and strengthened. I have learned to stand for what I believe in and take a stand for those I care about.

This feeling has empowered me to gain control over my fears, gain control over my finances and freed me to invest in our markets.  So, whether I invest a hundred dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars, I am in charge of my future.

This new filter I see life through drives me to help others gain the same sense of freedom.  This is why Kinghorn Law takes a holistic approach to address what is important to you.  I want all families I meet me to understand this is possible.

-Allison Manning, Attorney

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