Some members and employees of Kinghorn Law are licensed attorneys or investment advisor representatives and may receive compensation from Kinghorn Law based on legal services or investor coaching services provided or the overall profitability of Kinghorn Law. Kinghorn Law is paid for its legal services by charging fees for the legal services it provides to its clients and is paid for its investor coaching services by charging a fee for assets held under advisement by the company. While we believe these fees are reasonable for the value provided, we encourage you to compare these fees with fees of other firms.

Licensed attorneys who are also licensed financial advisors working in Kinghorn Law may receive salary and bonuses based on the services provided by Kinghorn Law. We do not believe the potential monetary compensation from these investor coaching services will affect the independent professional judgment of any of the licensed attorneys in providing you with legal services, nor do we believe monetary compensation from legal services will affect the independent professional judgment of any of the licensed financial advisors in providing you with competent investor coaching and advice.

If you retain Kinghorn Law to provide legal services to you, you will be charged a fee for services provided to you. This fee will be set out in a legal services agreement you will be asked to sign. If you retain Kinghorn Law to provide investor coaching services to you, you will annually be charged a percentage of the assets held under advisement based on an investor advisory contract which you will be asked to sign. Currently, this percentage will be no more than 1.5% of the total assets under advisement.

Billing for legal services will be completely separate from billing for investor coaching services. You will never be charged twice for legal services or investor coaching services performed by Kinghorn Law; you will either be billed for legal advice or charged only the fees disclosed in your investment advisory contract for investor coaching services.

We will maintain the confidentiality of all information that you convey to us as part of the investor coaching services we provide to you and will not disclose any of that information to others unless impliedly or expressly authorized by you for your benefit. We may, however, be required to disclose certain information in order to provide legal services, which we will discuss with you prior to disclosing, unless you have previously explicitly or implicitly authorized us to disclose. You understand that attorneys at Kinghorn Law may have a financial interest in providing legal services, and as attorneys, they are regulated by the Arizona Supreme Court’s Rules of Professional Conduct. Therefore, anything you tell employees of Kinghorn Law which is necessary for the provision of legal services may be kept confidential under the legal Rules of Professional Conduct.

When an attorney is acting as your investor coach, that person will not be serving as your attorney for purposes of the financial advice, and as such, the Arizona Supreme Court’s Rules of Professional Conduct may not apply to that relationship.

While we do not currently foresee any conflict in serving in these dual roles, should one arise, such as nonpayment for services or a dispute over those services, your attorney may be required to withdraw from representing you as your attorney and we may be required to terminate our involvement in your investor coaching needs.  This might be necessary, for instance, if we were to learn that information provided to us was materially incorrect.

Also, if the attorneys at Kinghorn Law believe that a conflict may affect a legal matter that they are handling for you, we may notify you of the options available, including possibly retaining new counsel to assist you in the legal matter. Further, if a dispute arises between you and us, such as on payments, we would not be able to represent you in that dispute. You understand that we cannot guarantee that you will receive legal services through Kinghorn Law.

We encourage you to have another attorney review the terms of an agreement to have Kinghorn Law provide you with legal services or investor coaching services, although you are not required to retain separate counsel. If you have any questions regarding these additional services, please ask us.