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Whether in sports, business, relationships, or investing, a good coach helps you stay focused on your goals and capacity to reach for the results you want.

In the financial industry, little importance is placed on human performance and behavior when it comes to investing. This has a grave cost on the dreams of many investors and their families. Our approach places coaching front and center.


A Process That Empowers

Coaching investors is the foundation of our process. We believe that an investor coach is a non-negotiable partner in disciplined investing over the long term.

For this reason, we simply don’t engage in transactional dealings with investors. Instead, we are dedicated to providing exceptionally powerful coaching within the context of caring relationships that help our clients make disciplined investing decisions over a lifetime.

Coaching Advice from Mark Matson, Founder and CEO of Matson Money

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Investor Inventory

An important precursor to determining where you stand on the Markowitz Efficient Frontier curve is the Investor Inventory.

We meet with you to discover what matters to you, what your goals are, and what your dreams and aspirations are. Investing is not done in a vacuum. Your values, your intentions, your goals, your purpose, drive your  behavior when it comes to investing. Taking the time to stop, reflect, ponder, and evaluate your relationship and purpose for money will help you make prudent investing decisions for you and your family. The Investor Inventory and the Portfolio MRI together are a very powerful tool we use to educate and coach you through the investing process.

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Portfolio MRI

We invite you to take a deep dive into your investments to learn if your money is giving you the reward for the risk you are willing to accept.

With your investment statements, and with special software, we are able to generate a report which shows the performance and makeup of your entire investment portfolio. Using the Nobel Prize winning principles of Efficient Market Theory (Dr. Harry Markowitz), you will figure out where you are on the “Efficiency Frontier” to help you consider if your chosen funds are giving you the return for the risk you are willing to accept with your money.

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American Dream Experience

The American Dream Experience is a compelling encounter with clear, life-altering truths about economics and investing.

When you attend the American Dream Experience, you’ll
engage in a profound exploration of your family’s financial
future. Unlike any financial training on the market, this is
your opportunity to discover what investing really is, how it
works, and how it can fulfill on your purpose for your life. You
will have the opportunity, over two days and an evening, to
alter your relationship to money and investing in a way that
leaves you and those you care about powerfully pursuing
your dreams.

The American Dream Experience is a breakthrough in financial
education designed to be pitch free, so you are left empowered
to find peace around money and your purpose. If you’re
committed to creating a life of freedom for you and your
family, you’ll benefit from The American Dream Experience.

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The American Dream Experience presentation is based on the views of Matson Money, Inc. Other persons may analyze investments and the approach to investing from a different perspective than that reflected in this presentation. Nothing included In the American Dream Experience is intended to imply that the approach to investing espoused in this presentation will assure any particular investment results. All investing involves risks and costs. No investment strategy, including asset allocation and diversification strategies, can ensure peace of mind, guarantee profit, or protect against loss.

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