The Matson Method

The Matson Method is a powerful system of financial coaching tools and structures, developed and refined for three decades.

Reflecting the advanced insights of recognized luminaries in economics and human performance, this comprehensive investing methodology created by Mark Matson can transform people’s relationship to investing and their attitudes around money, leaving them with freedom, fulfillment and love.


At Kinghorn Law, LLC, we study Mark Matson’s method to share with our clients—knowing its power to help them pursue a future guided by purpose.

American Dream Experience

The American Dream Experience is a compelling encounter with clear, life-altering truths about economics and investing.

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The American Dream Experience presentation is based on the views of Matson Money, Inc. Other persons may analyze investments and the approach to investing from a different perspective than that reflected in this presentation. Nothing included In the American Dream Experience is intended to imply that the approach to investing espoused in this presentation will assure any particular investment results. All investing involves risks and costs. No investment strategy, including asset allocation and diversification strategies, can ensure peace of mind, guarantee profit, or protect against loss

Advisory Board

Significant academics and practitioners have contributed to the refinement of the Matson Method.

A hallmark of Matson Money’s approach is to continuously establish new connections with experts and thought leaders in the domains of coaching, behavioral economics, and wealth creation. Several important figures who’ve informed the development of the Matson Method are members of Matson Money’s illustrious Academic Advisory Board. In 2019, the board welcomed Nobel Prize winning economist, Harry Markowitz, who launched a revolution in economics that continues to today, and Steve Zaffron, one of the world’s leading intellectuals in the field of human performance.

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